Inspirational: Meet Srinagar’s Self taught Artist

Mursaleen Abbas Mir, an inspiring artist from Srinagar is inspiring others
Mursaleen Abbas Mir was enrolled in kindergarten when he took a sheet of paper and pencil and tried to draw a bird, a picture of which was on his school notebook cover.


This was the beginning of his artistic journey, since then he never looked back.

Mursaleen Abbas Mir is also known for wall art,piercing ear and nose besides tattooing
Hailing from Hassanabad Saida Kadal area of Srinagar district Mursaleen Abbas Mir says that he learned the art by himself. “I didn’t rely on anyone for learning sketching, wall art, tattooing and piercing. I learned it without any formal and informal training.”What inclined me towards this I still do not know? But I have a living memory that I used to draw them on plain sheets when I was just a kid,” says Mursaleen Abbas
I used to draw any sketch that caught my attention,” he recalls. “Thanks to the Almighty my brush fetches me some good bucks as well.”Mursaleen Mir considers failure the first step towards success. “I started to work hard to become a good artist and I can see myself as a fine artist today and I am looking forward to further build on my success,” he says.

He suggests certain things if one is facing hurdles in an artistic career.

“Before you can begin a successful career in art, you must first develop solid artistic skills, make a studio space, find your artistic voice, make yourself known, and that’s it, you will become a fine artist,” he says.