Inspirational: Srinagar Teacher who sells warm clothes on streets

Srinagar Teacher
Srinagar Teacher

                      Srinagar Teacher who sells warm clothes on streets

Srinagar, January 02, 2023: Mr Noor-ul-Hassan is a resident of Bandipora, who was earlier a teacher by profession is now can be seen selling warm clothes to the locals on Sunday market in the streets of Srinagar.

Interacting with the media person, Mr Noor-ul-Hassan said that he had done his graduation in 1990’s and now he earns his livelihood by selling these clothes.

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“I express my gratitude to the media who came to meet me. I have no shame in working as a cloth-vendor here, and I encourage the local youngsters to leave their homes for work. They should not hesitate to do any kind of job. In villages people are dogmatic, but this is inverse in cities as nobody objects, what kind of job one does”, he said.

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A zealous Hassan further said that one should do hard work to achieve what one wants and there should be no excuses for it.

“I came all way from my village to work here. The youngsters are in depression today because they don’t work and feel insulted to do such jobs, which are not par with their qualifications. It is better to be a vendor than to become a criminal and I want the young ones to give a thought to this advise”, he added.

Moreover, he said the youth must restraint their desires and should try to control them to be at peace.

“If we look at the lives of famous personalities we should see that their family background was not good and the youths should take inspiration from this”, he said.

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