Irresponsible act of people posing a great risk of COVID infection to GMC’s cleaning staff

COVID-19 is presently spreading at the fastest rate in Jammu district in India and with this ongoing situation and the high risk of infection associated with it, we bring the responsible citizens of this country should follow the protocols issued by WHO and the SOPs issued by the government to curb the spread of infection.
JK Newspoint in conversation with the cleaning and sweeping workers of GMC got to know that they are facing a severe problem of improper disposal of protective gear by people visiting the hospital.
People who are visiting the hospital especially the morgue, after their visits throw protective gear (PPEkits, Masks, gloves, etc) on the premises of the hospital instead of the dustbins put in place in a hospital.
This irresponsible act of people is posing as a great threat to the transmission of infection to the hospital cleaning staff while disposing of this hazardous waste.
The cleaning staff is requesting the public to not throw the PPE kits, masks, glove, and other kinds of protective gear in the hospital premises, instead, they should look for dustbins to dispose of them properly.
Instead of pointing fingers at the hospital staff and administration all the time, it’s becoming increasingly important for us, as part of this society to start acting responsibly and make sure that our irresponsible actions don’t have the worst consequences for the cleaning staff, as they are the frontline warriors who are constantly working for our well being.