J&K :Final Order regarding Annual Fees by Fee Fixation Committee

After having interaction with the aforesaid School Management Authorities it was made clear to them that academic session of the educational institutions comprises of 12 months.
It was also made ciear to them that in view of the Government order No 2O74-JK (Edu of 20221 dated 3 t August 2022, read with Govt order No 2O85-JK9Edu of 2022), dated O7-IO-2O22, the Government has made it clear that new admissions will commence form the month of march of the calendar ye.u ald Annual Examinations shall be conducted in March-April session in all the Government and Government Recognised Private schools.
It was thus impressed upon these authorities that the School Managements notice to the students to pay Annual Fee for the months November 2022 to March 2023 is legally not sustainable and the authorities in these circumstances should withdraw the notice.
The authorities assured that they would put on hold the notice which asks students to pay Annual Fee for period November 2022 to Marc}r2023.
It was made clear to the authorities of this school management that academic session cannot be stretched beyond 12 months period, which period now starts from l”t April and ends on 31 March of the calendar year. The period of 05 months commencing from November 2022 to March 2O23 being not part of the academic session, tJle students can not be asked to pay Annual Fee for the period.
The FFRC accordingly did not pass order on l”t of November ald waited for the response of the School Management.

Today the mail send by School Management on l”t November at 9;56 pm was downloaded and processed. The perusal of school mail required for passing of orders.
All tJ e school management of private schools are restrained from charging ard collecting annual fee for the period Nov 2022 to March 2023. Any breach of this order will result in initiating action according to law.