J&K: High alert after Bird flu detection

The Jammu administration on Monday sounded a high alert for all districts of Jammu region after the ‘Animal husbandry department Jammu’ detected bird flu (H5N1) influenza) in five chicken samples which they sent outside Jammu for examination.

As per the report, the Veterinary officials has said that more culling of chicken samples will be done and  would be sent to labs outside Jammu district for testing.

We advise the local people of Jammu, who consume chicken meat to be aware of bird flu and avoid eating it for the time being till the authorities assures us that it is okay to eat, the report said.

The mentioned department has not said anything regarding bird flu for now as they are busy in culling more samples of birds to detect flu in them. Further details are awaited.

Hours after bird flu detection in some chickens in Jammu, the animal husbandry department unit here initiated large-scale checks on entry point of Lakhanpur border in Kathua to check trucks who import poultry items in Jammu district.

Bird flu, also known as Avian Flu, is a variety of influenza caused by an airborne virus in birds. It can spread to humans in rare conditions, and if it happens, it can trigger a person to person transmission, experts said. There are many variants of the virus and H7N9 is considered the dangerous among them, they added. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are many subtypes of the avian influenza virus, and only some of them will be dangerous to humans.