J&K : Some villages gets electricity after 75 years

Anantnag village gets electricity after 75 years


Villagers of the tribal area of Tethan in Dooru, Anantnag got electricity after 75 years, locals and officials said.

They said that the village, some 45 km from Anantnag town and with a population of around 200 people, was provided power under the centrally sponsored PM Development Package scheme.

After using traditional methods for heating and lighting for the past 75 years, the locals said they have now experienced electricity for the first time, especially a bulb.

“This appears a dream. A bulb which helps us to see things during dark,” a resident said as others tapped their feet and waved their limbs to express their happiness.

Power development department officials said that the village was provided electricity after solving the issue of high tension network.

They said they had to lay 95 poles for high-tension and low-tension lines to deliver electricity to the village. “A 63 KV transformer was installed for 60 houses,” an official said