JMC overhauls garbage collection system significantly: mulls installation of view cutters

In order to keep the city neat and clean Jammu Municipality Corporation has overhauled garbage collection system significantly.

Highlighting the procedure for disposal of garbage in city, the concerned officer said that warehouse is one of the 6 Secondary Garbage Collection Points or Fixed Transfer Station established for collection of garbage from Primary Collection Centres or primary dumps of each ward of the City. These Secondary Stations act as Final Clearing Points of the garbage before all the garbage from all over the city is collected and disposed off at Kot-Bhalwal processing site.

He further informed that all such stations are equipped with Tippers, Front End Loaders for lifting of the garbage for final disposal to the processing site.

He said that sweeping, collection and dumping of garbage is in tandem with the lifting and transportation till the final processing site. The establishment of these Secondary Points in Sanitation programme of the city assumes great significance as JMC, in the due course plans to clear all Primary Collections Points within the various residential areas so as to give a clean and hygienic look to the city.

Further, JMC is in the process of examining the possibility of installing View Cutters in all these Secondary Points to prevent garbage spill over and adding to the aesthetic value to the city. He also mentioned that piles of dumps at these Secondary Collection Points are not a permanent feature and don’t last more than a day as they are being cleared everyday as per fixed lifting and transportation schedule.