Joe Biden Picks Another Kashmir Origin Expert For White House

JAN N15:  Joe Biden government, slated to take over United States of America as the new president, has picked another Kashsmir born experts on his team. Sameera Fazili will be Joe Biden’s Deputy Director National Economic Council.

Ms Fazili, a mother of three, will be focusing on manufacturing, innovation and domestic competition in the Biden regime.

Fazili goes to the White House from the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta where she was Director of engagement or he community and economic elopement. Prior to joining the Atlanta Fed, Fazili served as a senior policy adviser at the White House’s National Economic Council where she covered retirement, consumer finance, and community and economic development. Previously, she worked at the Treasury Department on issues of domestic policy ranging from community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to housing finance to small business finance, and then as a senior adviser to the undersecretary for international affairs where she served as chief of staff. Before her time in government, Fazili was a clinical lecturer at Yale Law School’s community and economic development clinic, where she helped start a CDFI bank and a local anti-foreclosure initiative, and expanded the clinic’s work to international microfinance. She also worked at ShoreBank, the nation’s first CDFI bank. Her work in finance has spanned consumer, housing, small business, and microfinance. She received her law degree from Yale Law School and her bachelor of arts in social studies from Harvard College.

Ms Fazili started her career as a clinical lecturer of law at Yale Law School. She was settled in Buffalo before moving to Georgia with her husband and three children. She is a graduate from Yale Law School and Harvard College.

She is the second generation American who was born in Williamsville New York to Drs Yusuf and Rafiqa Fazili.

This is the second appointment of a Kashmir origin expert in Biden-Kamala regime of the US. On the 2020 year end, Joe Biden picked a young Kashmir born lady, Aishah Shah, as one of the key functionary in his White House’s Digital Strategy Team.