Kashmir: After swap allegations, authorities to exhume baby’s body for DNA test

The authorities will exhume the body of a baby to conduct DNA test after a family from Budgam district alleged that they were given body of a female baby instead of male baby at JVC hospital, Bemina.

Quoting an official, a local news agency said that the body of the baby will be exhumed today in order to conduct DNA sampling and match that with those of the family members.

“Since family has levelled allegations against the hospital authorities of swapping their baby, it was decided to exhume the body to conduct DNA so that truth shall come to fore,” he said.

The official said that body will be exhumed in the presence of a medical team from JVC, family members and some independent witnesses.

Last week,a family from Patlibagh area of Budgam had alleged that they were handed over the body of a newly born female baby instead of male baby at the hospital.