Kashmiri family not allowed to vote, tells their exodus story

A Kashmiri Pandit couple, who could not vote for the DDC elections due to their name missing in the list, expressed their resentment. They said that it was a matter of sadness to have come a long way and weren’t able to get their right to vote.

Omkar Nath Koul, a resident of Purkhoo said “Me and my wife travelled a long distance in order to come here and vote. Here after knowing about our missing name from the voters list, we are shocked and sad. My brothers’ names are in the list. Don’t know why we are out. We have our voter cards of Kashmir but they told us make new ones.”

He said that he misses the life in Kashmir. They have their house and gardens there and still visit their hometown but feel it isn’t safe anymore.

“There has been a lot of change in Kashmir. I’ve been caught 2 times by militants. Once I was saved by a localite. Whenever I travel to Kashmir, I directly go to my village. During 90s, I have myself witnessed militants killing my friend overnight. Many people ran away from there. I miss the weather of Kashmir. But weather isn’t more important than our lives. It’s better to live here peacefully than get killed there. Jammu is safe because we have our own people who will at least fire pyre when we’ll be dead” he added.

His wife longs to return back to her birthplace. She says she’s ready to live her life beautifully if everyone accompanies her.