Kashmiri Migrants from Migrant Camps boycott 3rd phase of DDC elections

Kashmiri Migrants from the Migrant Camps have refused to vote in the DDC election. Like phase 1 and phase 2, few numbers of them have come out to vote. Some of them have even boycotted the DDC elections.

According to reports, many of them have complained about the development in Kashmir division despite voting from the Jammu division. Having moved from Kashmir and living in camps since 31 years, they believe the Government can’t feel the regular problems faced by them. The 2nd phase of DDC elections recorded only 7 voting from the migrant camps.

“Removing the M-forum was a good decision but still the voting isn’t up to the expectations. Our youth is out of track without any jobs by the Government. Our basic necessities are out of our league. We’ll vote once the Government starts thinking about us.” said the social activists.

They further added that 2500 families live in 4500 quarters in the area still no voting booth was allotted there. Instead by 3 buses organised by the Government, they had to travel 25 kilometres and the voting time was from 7 to 2.

Some even considered it a conspiracy of less voting for the Kashmir division.