Ladakh Scouts, Indian Army’s regiment which acts as eyes and ears at LAC

Amid the rising border tensions between India and China at lAC, the jawans of ‘Ladakh Scouts’ are fully ready with the Indian Army to fight against the enemy on the high hills of Ladakh.

The soldiers of this regiment are recruited from Ladakh because they know every details of the area and are skilled enough to survive on this barren land. Several battalions of Ladakh Scouts are stationed at the Line of Actual Control during the ongoing tension between India and China. The ‘Ladakh Scouts’ are also called the eyes and ears of other soldiers deployed in the region as they save their lives from enemies.

Ladakh is the only region of India that faces the conspiracy of both Pakistan and China. In 1947, Pakistani intruders attempted to loot the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh via Kargil, but were driven out by the Ladakhi civilians.

During that time, Ladakhi youth had formed 7th and 14th Jammu and Kashmir militia and both these battalions took strong positions in areas like Daulat Beg Oldi, Galvan, Hot Spring, Pangang, Chushul during the 1962 Chinese attack. Later the ‘Ladakh Scouts’ were formed from these two battalions, which was made into a regiment after they displayed exemplary courage and valour during 1999 Kargil war.

Currently, there are 5 battalions in the Ladakh Scouts Regiment, which is made up of youth living in the most difficult regions of Ladakh. These youth are well-trained to function in low oxygen, extremely cold and high altitude operations.

The soldiers of ‘Ladakh Scouts’ are are posted in small teams in the most difficult areas of LAC. There are often soldiers from other regiments who patrol the most difficult areas of the LAC and soldiers of ‘Ladakh Scouts’ protect them from several threats.