Letter of Geelani calling for strike in Kashmir is fake: Police

Jammu and Kashmir Police said on Tuesday that the senior hardline separatist leader, Syed Ali Shah Geelani has dissociated himself from a strike call issued in his name from across the border.

In a statement, the police said the family sources of Geelani have said the letter purportedly issued by the octogenarian separatist leader is a ”fake” and has not been issued by him.

Police said the letter was published from Pakistan and police has taken action against those who are circulating the letter through different social media platforms to create a law and order situation in Kashmir.

Geelani has already resigned from the separatist conglomerate, All Party Hurriyat Conference, saying that the forum has been used by its constituents for personal purpose to add to their wealth.

Geelani also said that he would no longer be responsible or answerable for the conduct of the various Hurriyat constituents who have disappointed him.

Geelani was virtually sidelined when the Hurriyat elected Mohammad Hussain Khatib, a lesser known separatist leader now based in Muzaffarabad.

It is widely believed that Khatib’s emergence has been part of a larger design from across the border to take control of both the separatist ”armed struggle” and the separatist political platform.