Locals in Kashmir criticized ‘Poshak-Bandi’ celebration by Dr Andrabi

Kashmir, October 23: The  J&K Waqf Board Chairperson Dr Darakhshan Andrabi on Friday led the `Poshak-Bandi’ celebration at the shrine of Hazrat Nooruddin Noorani (RA) at Charar-e-Sharief ahead of the upcoming annual Urs.

This was for the first time that the Waqf Board managed the celebration after recent reforms in the functioning of shrine management throughout J&K. Earlier, this used to be managed by a few locals and Waqf Board who had the responsibility of all Waqf management affairs had no role in the organizing of these revered celebrations.

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Soon after Andrabi’s `Poshak-Bandi’ celebration at the shrine some locals criticized  her act that how could a woman can pay a visit to a Mazar(Shrine) as it is not recommended in Islam.

Reacting to this today, Engineer Nazir Ahmad Yatoo said that in Islam it is forbidden for a woman to visit a shrine, but even if Andrabi visited their she should have at least reserved respect for the Holy shrine.

“In some religions there might be provisions for women that they can visit to such holy places, its okay if she went there but taking pics there in shrine is profane and Islam don’t give permissions for such act. I am not like some political party leader who likes to politicize issues, but this was wrong. I request to local religious figures to take cognizance of such matters”, he said.