‘Love you a lot, tear this after reading,’ teacher in ‘love letter’ to Class 8 girl

A school teacher in Uttar Pradesh’s Kannauj district gave a letter to a minor student wherein he expressed his love for her. In the 12-line letter, the teacher had instructed the girl to read the letter and then tear it.

The incident came to the fore after the student complained to her parents; it happened in Sadar Kotwali village in the district.

Teacher says he wants to get married to student

The teacher in the letter allegedly wrote that he loves her a lot and that he will miss her during the vacation period. He reportedly also asked her to call him as and when she can.

According to a reports in local media, he had also asked her to meet him before vacation and that he he wants to get married to her.

Reportedly, the letter was given to the class 8 student on December 30. The report quoted the girl’s father as saying that his daughter goes to local junior high school and a teacher named Hariom Singh, aged 47, keeps eyeing her. Her father also said that the teacher has asked the daughter to meet him alone.