Man sent fake bomb threat to SpiceJet for friends’ love life

Delhi Police arrested Abhinav Prakash (24), a resident of Dwarka, on Friday for making a fake bomb threat call before a SpiceJet flight bound for Pune could takeoff. Prakash told the police that he made the fake bomb call so his friends could spend more time with their girlfriends who were departing from Delhi on the SpiceJet flight.


A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Pune had to stop operations on Thursday after an anonymous caller said the aircraft has a bomb on it. The flight which was scheduled to depart from Delhi at 9.30 pm was immediately taken to the isolation bay and all the passengers and their luggage were frisked by the CISF.

The aircraft was also thoroughly checked after all the 182 passengers and crew members were de-boarded. After securing the flight and ensuring that there were no suspicious items, the security manager of SpiceJet, Varun Kumar, lodged a police complaint.

A police team obtained the phone number from which the call was made and traced it to Abhinav Prakash, a resident of Dwarka. A raid was conducted on his address shortly afterwards and Prakash was arrested in connection with the case.

Abhinav Prakash revealed that his friends Rakesh alias Bunty and Kunal Sehrawat recently went to Manali where they became friends with two local women. The two girls were leaving for Pune on the SpiceJet flight but Prakash’s friends told him they wanted to spend some more time with their girlfriends and asked him to devise a plan to delay their flight.