Mendhar residents irked over lack of better road connectivity in district

Residents of Mendhar tehsil are aggrieved over the dilapidated condition of the road, which is in deep shambles since a long time thus causing great inconvenience to the locals while the Govt seems to be in deep slumber.

“Travelling on the roads from Pathantir to Salwa in Mendhar has become a nuisance for the commuters while the roads that are in shambles led to accidents,’’ said one of the residents.

“All roads are in dilapidated conditions. Huge potholes on the stretch give a tough time to the commuters, while bumpy rides on these roads lead to the bad driving experience,” the local commuters said.

Locals said that the worse condition of the road is continuous anguish for commuters. However, Under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana the work of the road was initiated but till date not completed.

They alleged that due to the bad condition of the road, the commuters, as well as patients, are facing problems. Inhabitants further said that bad condition of roads become a nuisance, especially during rains.