New Industrial Policy for Jammu and Kashmir : Details Inside

About 300 industrial units established in Jammu, Samba and Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir are under threat. Before the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir, these industrial units were allotted land by the Small Industries Development Corporation (CIDCO) and the Small Scale Industries Corporation (SICAP). Some built on it, and some even installed machines but could not start production due to the situation arising after the reorganization of Jammu and Kashmir and the corona infection. Due to a delay in production, their permanent registration is not being done.

Due to this, while investments of crores are stuck, hundreds of crores of industrialists are also stuck. Most of these industrial units are such that they got provisional registration before the J&K Industry Policy was announced this year.

As per the industry policy, CIDCO or SICAP allot land for the industry after the investment proposal of J&K is approved by the government. After allotment of land, provisional registration of these units is done. Enterprises have to start production within two and a half years of this registration. In this, an additional extension of six months can be given only once. After the start of production, these units claim for permanent registration and only then can they get the benefit of concessions from the central and state government. However, many units could not start production due to the situation arising after the Corona and Jammu and Kashmir reorganization. Due to this, his permanent registration has been suspended.

After three years, the power to renew the provisional registration rests with the Apex Committee headed by the Chief Secretary. In the last six months, this committee met twice, and the issue of renewal of temporary registration of these units also came up, but no decision could be taken.


The Industries and Commerce Department has formed a committee to review and suggest these pending cases. Principal Secretary of the department Ranjan Prakash Thakur is the chairman of this committee and special secretary of the department, director Kashmir and Jammu, managing director of CIDCO and CICAP, financial and planning director and additional secretary of industries department have been made members of the committee. This committee will submit its report before the next meeting of the Apex Committee.