Pariksha Pe Charcha tips by PM Narendra Modi to students

The third edition of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s interaction programme with school students ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020’ was held on Monday (January 20) at Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. During the programme, PM Modi answered the questions and interacted with selected students about how they can beat examination stress.

Around 2,000 students are participating from all over India in the programme.

Here, we bring to you some important tips were shared by the Prime Minister with students today:

Studying early in the morning is suggested by many because lessons studied early in the morning are often retained in the memory. However, everyone has a different style and different comfort. If a student is comfortable studying during the night they should do so.

Do not enter into an examination hall with stress or any sort of pressure. Do not worry about what others are doing. Have faith in yourself and focus on what you’ve prepared.

During the exam, we should begin with easy questions. It boosts our confidence and helps us get accustomed.

Knowing about gadgets is not enough. We should assess if we will use technology or technology will use us. Smartphones steal our time that we would be spending in the real world. He says we should be the master of technology and be able to determine how we will use it. Students should designate one room in the house where tech will not get entry. Do this will make life more interesting and save their time.

Students should balance both extra-curricular and academic activities. Extra-curricular activities must be done with all your heart and not with a disinterested mind. It should be integrated in life in a wholesome manner. Embracing extra-curricular activities will provide lessons to live life after the academic life is over. We need extra-curricular activities so that we do not turn into robots.

Students in class 10 and 12 must do something creative everyday even it is for 15 minutes. This will help them relax.

Students need to realise that marks are only indicators of success. Today, the world has moved on and scoring good marks in exams do not always guarantee success. Marks should be taken up as only an important milestone but not everything.

Youth should not be demotivated. De-motivation is often a result of external factors and problem arises when we have expectations from others and it does not get fulfilled. Students must put themselves in other’s shoes to understand why their expectations were not fulfilled. There is rarely an individual who has not felt demotivated in life.

A temporary setback doesn’t mean success is not waiting. In fact, a setback may mean the best is yet to come. Motivation and demotivation are very common in life. Everyone goes through these feelings. In this regard, I was told that I shouldn’t visit to ISRO during Chadrayaan 2 landing as there was no guarantee of success. I told them that is the reason I must be there.

We should never dream about becoming something. We should dream of doing something. That will help us to enjoy what we do.