People walk on frozen dal lake, DC Srinagar issues advisory

JAN 14: A video of children walking and enjoying on the frozen Dal Lake in Srinagar got viral. This act was later prohibited by issuing an advisory by the DC Srinagar Dr. Shahid Iqbal Choudhary. According to him, the act was harmful and could hurt the small children.

Senior reporter, Irfan said “The temperature in Srinagar fell to -8 degree celsius as the Dal Lake froze. Children were seen running on it but it was stopped by the DC Srinagar. He believed that the frozen lake could have cracks, children may fall and hurt themselves. Also, it was a matter to panic as it wasn’t safe for anyone. The daily bread for the workers in the Dal Lake has been destroyed as the tourists cannot ride the Shikara.”

“NDRF force has been deployed in case any situation occurs. The Lake and water works Department should have started their work wah before the Jheel was frozen. The workers there had informed them still they were inefficient. What’s the benefit of the workers’ machinery costing crores? It would all go in vain if some action is not taken! A bad and colder weather is expected for next 4 days too. At this moment, people should remember God, ask him to set everything right and take each other’s good care.” He added.