In J&K ; Protest outside Cluster University, students demand integration rules

NSUI students today protested outside the campus of Cluster University demanding integration of the courses. According to them, the University issued notice of clearing all the semesters before getting admission in the masters which was against the rules of the University itself.

Youth Leader of NSUI, Ajay Lakhotra said “Integrate course basically means combining graduation and PG which includes carry on system. I’m a Law student and am well aware of the rules of the University. They are not giving admission to students in 7th semester until pass all the semesters till 6th. What is it even? Making there own rules and giving example of Guru Nanak Dev and Rajasthan University!”

“The rules they are applying now aren’t mentioned anywhere in the prospectus. Students would prefer applying for individual course instead of integrated ones. What’s the point of giving entrance exams when they charge full fees? Any course’s fees here is more than that of Jammu University. This is not a college notice rather a death notice for the students.” He added

The students claimed the Cluster University to have delayed their mark sheets and characterise itself a premium University. They even appealed the University to allow them to get admitted to 7th semester as many other Universities give admission on 50% merit.

“I am from RS Pura. The notification they sent could be out in June last year but they did it intentionally to trouble the students. Sitting on chair doesn’t give them authority to do anything they want. We are not going to approve this.” said a student.