Rahul Gandhi prefers briefings from China instead of believing country’s armed forces: J P Nadda

BJP President J P Nadda today criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi saying Gandhi prefers briefings from the Chinese instead of believing the country’s armed forces.

He said, since the 1950’s, China has made strategic investments in one dynasty that has given them rich dividends.

Nadda reminded Congress of 1962, giving away UNSC seat and losing a lot of land to China in the UPA years.

BJP Chief also cited MoU signed with much fanfare in 2008 and funds to Rajiv Gandhi foundation and more. Saying yet another failed edition of Project RG Relaunch today, Nadda said, it was as usual, weak on facts and strong on mudslinging. He said, attempts to politicize defence and foreign policy matters shows one dynasty’s desperation to wash their past sins of 1962 and weaken India.

Nadda said, for years, one dynasty has been trying to destroy Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said, sadly for them, Modi’s connection with 130 crore Indians is deep-rooted and he lives and works for them. The BJP Chief said, those who want to destroy him will end up only further destroying their own party.