Rapes to cyberbullying: NCRB exposes slow, shoddy probe into crime against women in J&K

National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) has exposed law enforcing agencies for slow progress in investigations into the crimes against women in Jammu and Kashmir NCRB has revealed that nearly half of the cases recorded last year are awaiting investigation. Jammu and Kashmir last year witnessed as many as 3069 cases of crime against women including rapes, molestation, and domestic violence. Of which 1589 are pending investigation. Data revealed that investigation into 1732 cases of crime against women has been pending since 2018. The state recorded 3437 such cases in 2018 Interestingly, 12518 cases of crime against women have been pending in courts of the newly declared union territory. Different courts completed the trial in 1353 cases last year. NCRB figures revealed that 70 persons have been convicted of crimes against women, while 17 were discharged and 2506 acquitted. Figures revealed that 223 incidents of rape have been recorded in the union territory last year. 212 victims are above 18 years old. Data revealed that there have been 13 attempts of rape during the last year. There have been 1440 cases of `assault on women with intent to outrage their modesty’ in J&K last year. There have been 348 cases of cruelty by husband last year. NCRB data revealed 381 women were kidnapped for forcible marriage. 369 victims have been in the age group of the forties and 368 in the late thirties. The crime branch of Jammu and Kashmir police also recorded eight dowry-related deaths in the union territory last year. Women in J&K have also faced cyberbullying, stalking, and blackmailing last year. NCRB data revealed that six cyber crimes against women including publishing or transmitting sexually explicit material were recorded by the crime branch last year. Three cases relate to blackmailing, defamation, morphing, and fake profiles on social media. Women’s rights activist and Rasana case lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat told The Kashmir Monitor that the crime scene against women was grim. “There is a grim scenario even though we have laws and various programs for the empowerment of women. The implementation of laws is not taken seriously and now and then gruesome rape incidents happen,” she said. Deepika said she has personally witnessed that sometimes complaints are not being registered. “The outcome of cases depends upon how the investigation starts into the case and how the report is being produced. The society also needs to come forward and press the government for combating such crimes,” she said.