Restrictions lifted, life returning to normal in Srinagar

Life returned to normal on Monday in Srinagar, where authorities had imposed restrictions at several areas, including civil lines on Sunday, to prevent Ashura procession on the 10th day of Ist month of Islamic calendar Muharram, when Hazrat Imam Hussain, Grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was martyred at Karbala in Iraq over 1400 years ago.

Police claimed that over 15 police personnel were injured when mourners defied restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic and pelted stones in Srinagar on Sunday.

However, today additional security force and police personnel deployed on Sunday, have been withdrawn. All barricades and other roadblocks have been lifted. The road leading to historic Lal Chowk, the nerve centre of the city, which was closed yesterday, are open today. Similarly, the Amira Kadal bridge, connecting Hari Singh High Street (HSHS) with civil lines was also open and security forces have removed the barbed wire.