Security lapse led to killing of leader: Ravinder Raina

Bhartiya Janata Party’s (BJP) President Ravinder Raina has said that there has been a security lapse and intelligence failure which led to the incident in which party’s leader Waseem Bari along with his brother and father were killed in Bandipora.

Raina was speaking to the media men on the sidelines of a ceremony which was organized to pay tributes to Bari.

“Those found responsible in the killing of Waseem Bari, his father, and his brother will be brought to the book. There sure were security lapses and the failure of intelligence which in turn led to such a tragic incident in which the beasts from Pakistani killed a gentle soul,” he said.

He said that Pakistan is trying to turn Kashmir into a graveyard with it repeatedly indulging in killing unarmed Kashmiris who want to strengthen the democracy here.

He underlined that Pakistan was trying to carry out bloodshed in Kashmir and that the party will never accept it, and will fight all such designs tooth and nail.

He said that it is the responsibility of the administration to take care of everyone’s life and property and that those responsible for this should be punished as soon as possible.

“Human life is precious and should be protected, police have got a responsibility so has the administration,” he said.

He said that Waseem Bari’s family was a nationalistic one and that every Indian is saluting the sacrifices made by the family. “The family stood for India, its values until their last breath,” he said.