SPOs face Problems and Come forward for Requesting Recruitment Policies and Minimum Wages Act

DEC 29:- Sewa Singh Bali, a member of Panthers Party had come up with an initiative of helping the SPOs of Jammu in helping them lead a better life. He has ‘fought a battle’ for requesting the Government to develop recruitment policy and minimum wages act for them.

SPOs in Jammu earn a small amount according to them. Being on duty for almost 24 hours and facing ‘death’ for their entire life, they believe the amount they get paid is too less to take care of their families. SPO earns 6,000 per month if works less than 3 years, 9,000 after completing 3 years, 12,000 after 5 years, 15,000 after 10 years and 18,000 after 15 years.

jknewspoint and other supporters who are standing with 35,000 SPOs of Jammu and Kashmir. The SPOs don’t demand anything. It’s us who feel they get paid too less for their work. We have informed Governor Sir, DIG Sir, Home Minister of India and even the Prime Minister through media about this matter so that these SPOs at least get a sample regular policy so that the amount they are paid equalises the amount of work they do.”

“The new boys who get selected, pass the full belt test for their selection. They are educated! What will a small amount of 6,000 do to them? It’s not even enough to feed their family! Employees of all the other departments get extra pay during election duty except them. No family is taken care by the Government after the sacrifice of any SPO’s life. Even after working for 24 hours they earn 200 rupees per day which is just a fare these days.” He added.

He talked about the next step and said that “Professor Bheem Singh, Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India went through the documents of all the procedures till now and said that its a clear injustice with the SPOs. The Supreme Court itself has imposed minimum wages act which isn’t applied to the SPOs. The Supreme Court in Delhi is opening in the first week of January and I am myself going to file a writ petition for them.”

He further stated his belief about Supreme Court agreeing to his requests about permanent salaries after 3-5 years if jobs and minimum wages act.