Stray cattle pose threat to commuters of Akhnoor

The problem of stray cattle is posing a serious threat to residents in almost every part of the city. As government has miserably failed to curb the problem, the residents of Akhnoor is forced to face the major threat of accident as there is no control on stray cattle.

However, the previous PDP-BJP government in 2016 started construction work of Goshalla in Akhnoor but due to the callous attitude of the government, it is still far to complete.

The authorities and residents need to realize the seriousness of the issue, businessman Rajeev said. He further added that it is shocking that a majority of the people don’t seem to be bothered about the issue. There is an urgent need for checking the stray cattle menace on the roads.”

“Many people have suffered injuries due to the stray cattle menace. Last year, a motorcycle-borne youth met with an accident after his bike hit a buffalo but no interest was shown by the government to handle this menace.