Tourism potential water bodies in Jammu region soon to get FRP rescue boats

In view of the rising number of tourists to the important destinations located along the banks of rivers, dams and lakes, Department of Homeguards, Civil Defence and UTDRF of Jammu and Kashmir has ordered procurement of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) rescue boats at three places of the Jammu region.
As per official sources, the department has asked the Manesar, Gurgaon Harayana based company to place FRP Rescue boats with 75 HP OBM in three important water bodies of Jammu region.
“The HG/CD/UTDRF has asked the M/S GEEPEE Reinforced Products Private Ltd, based at Manesar in Gurgaon to drop the FRP Rescue boats with 75 HP OBM to be supplied under World Bank Scheme as per the supply order issued by the PMU, JT FRP at three locations with consultation of in-charge Central Store of the department,” official sources here told said.