UT Ladakh reports 50 new Covid-19 positive cases; 155 patients Discharged

As per the media bulletin released by the Directorate of Health Services UT Ladakh, 50 new positive sample reports of Covid-19 were received yesterday. CMO Leh received 30 positive sample reports, and CMO Kargil received 20 positive sample reports. No deaths were reported in UT Ladakh yesterday.

While 546 sample reports were tested in UT Ladakh, two hundred twenty-eight sample reports in Leh and 266 sample reports in Kargil were negative.

The bulletin further informs that 155 patients have been discharged. In addition, CMO Leh released 67 patients and 88 CMO Kargil discharged patients.

The total number of COVID-19 active cases in UT Ladakh is 882; 543 cases in Leh and 339 cases in Kargil district.

The bulletin further informs that 529 passengers were screened at the KBR, Leh airport while 150 passengers, including the drivers and helpers of trucks, and light motor vehicles, were screened at Khaltsi check post, and 23 passengers were screened at Khangral check post.