Will fight unitedly against snatching of our rights: Farooq

Former Chief Minister and National Conference president, Dr Farooq Abdulla has said that he wants unity among various political parties in Jammu and Kashmir to fight against rights that were snatched illegally and unconstitutionally from the people.

Dr Abdullah said that they are against everything which is illegal. “We are against whatever they have done. We have said that we are against everything that’s illegal and unconstitutional”, he said.

While referring to the Domicile law, he said his party won’t support anything unconstitutional. “How are you going to even think that I am going to support anything which is unconstitutional?” he asked.

Abdullah said that Jammu and Kashmir has seen a lot in the past and stressed for unity to fight it out.

“There is a need to put our differences aside. Our sole responsibility as of now is to be united and not pointing fingers at others. We have to stay strong and only then we will be able to defeat them. We have seen days when masjids were converted into stables. We have seen a lot. This State has seen a lot”, he said.

Abdullah said that people have to be united against what was thrust upon Jammu and Kashmir. “I want total unity of purpose, not for the sake of elections and all this. It has to be something of purpose. Be united against the evil that is being thrust upon you. Without unity you will have nothing”, he said.

Abdullah without referring to the abrogation of Article 370 said that they can take the land but can’t win hearts and minds.

“We should not be disheartened. Today you see darkness around you. They will fall one day; they will not be able to win this (referring to heart). They might have our land, but not our mind and heart”, he added.

Abdullah said that there must be something better for the people in store and asked them not to be disheartened. “God puts you in these trails, ask Allah not to put us so much on trails, but at the same time, don’t be afraid of trails. In this (referring to the present situation), God must have kept something better for us”, he added.

About the current stand-off between India and China at the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, he said war is no solution to resolve the disputes between the countries.
“India-China or India-Pakistan, the only future is talks, war is not a solution,” he said.

On his detention under PSA Abdullah said: “God has given me the strength that I needed in these eight months that I stayed in,” he said.