Woman leaves boyfriend stuck in suitcase in a game of hide and seek, man dies

A simple game of hide and seek took a sinister turn, leading to a man’s death in 2020 has found newfound attention after his girlfriend was produced in the court on charges of second-degree murder. Sarah Boone from Florida was arrested by police in February 2020 after she left her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr zipped inside a suitcase for hours on the pretext of playing a game, leading to his death.

A Daily Mail report says that the couple was drinking wine and playing hide and seek. Jorge hid inside a suitcase but Sarah allegedly found him and zipped him up inside. A video emerged back in 2020 of the man screaming, “I can’t breathe,” from inside the bag, while Sarah said, “This is for everything you have done to me. Stupid.” Jorge kept saying that he could not breathe while Sarah passed out on her bed, assuming that he would be able to come out on his own.

She claimed she didn’t realise her partner might still be in the bag until she woke up several hours later to the sound of her phone ringing repeatedly. She initially thought he was somewhere downstairs and later it dawned on her that her boyfriend was still trapped. She claimed that when she opened the suitcase, she discovered Torres unconscious and not breathing. She then dialled 911 before deputies came and discovered Torres had passed away.

Jorge was laying on the floor close to the blue bag when deputies arrived at the house to investigate the report. On January 30, three years after the horrifying incident, Sarah will now show up for a pre-trial hearing. The arrest document stated: “Sarah freaked out and remembered the last time she saw Jorge was when she zipped him in the suitcase.”