BJP ST President Ch. Roshan: “Gujjars aren’t angry, if Paharis got ST”

Aman Zutshi

BJP ST Morcha President, Chaudhary Roshan on Sunday reacting to a media query on the grant of ST status recently provided by the Union govt said that Gujjar community is not angry from Paharis getting ST status.

BJP ST President Ch. Roshan, told media, “Some people are saying that Gujjars are angry because Paharis have got ST Status those people are upset, who have lost their politics”.

He added: “These people are fooling and misguiding people because our 10 percent quota is still intact. We will win all five seats and will emerge victorious in Rajouri and Anantnag with big margins. All other candidates will lose their election deposit”.

“I want to tell people of my community to not believe their words as they have used us for past 70 years”, he claimed.