Jammu residents concerned about the recent increase in bus fares


Jammu city is reeling from a significant increase in daily transportation costs. People have been experiencing this problem in a variety of areas, causing them distress.

The buses charge according to their own dictates. Students have become the worst sufferers because bus conductors refuse to let them commute even when they show bus passes and identity cards to them.

The issue of increased bus fares is causing problems for Jammu city commuters. The authorities appear to be in deep slumber as they fail to address commuters’ concerns.

Scores of women have also experienced sexual harassment at the hands of these conductors on many occasions when they use to board Matadors for travelling.

Making mockery of the passenger fares fixed by the Motor Vehicles Department, J&K, operators of the private Matadors plying on different routes in the city are charging excessive fares from the passengers.

Cases of overcharging have been reported from those routes where the department has issued less permits.