Man dies after self-immolation in Gujjar Nagar

Aman Zutshi

In a stomach churning incident, a man died of self-immolation at Jammu city’s Gujjar Nagar area yesterday.

The self-immolation incident happened in a graveyard at Gujjar Nagar, when a man came with a diesel can in the cemetery and set himself ablaze by pouring the fuel over his body.

The deceased has not been identified yet.

An eye-witness of the incident, who saw the horrendous mishap, told media that the man didn’t screamed or reacted anything when he set himself ablaze,”I mustered some courage and jumped over the cemetery’s wall with a water can to douse the flames”.

He added that no spectator on the road gathered courage to go near the victim and he was the only one who did it. “I had goosebumps seeing him. Someone gave me a sack to distinguish the fire but it didn’t helped. A man brought a water-filled drum and through which we doused the fire”.

The eyewitness further said that he was shivering but still he put his life on the line to save the man, but the victim died.