In a first: J&K girl becomes first to be selected as international Kickboxing referee

Megha Rani

Aman Zutshi

Megha Rani, a girl who hails from J&K has brought immense pride and happiness to the region for being selected as the first woman International referee of kickboxing sport.

Talking about her achievement, Ms Megha told media, “Since infancy I had so much interest in martial arts. We used to practice martial arts but didn’t had exposure as we were children”.

Megha said, “But when I won gold medals at district and state level championships my journey kick-started. I felt we are doing something”.

“I understood while practicing this sport that we can also apply martial arts for other things. As we started playing we get to know that this game is different.

“We focus on kick moves in Taekwondo and Karate but in this game we have to play by keeping our body free. I told my coach that I want to play kickboxing and he didn’t stopped me”. she added.

Megha apprised, “I was badly thrashed when I played my first national kickboxing match but I learned from the experience that I have to go ahead and don’t have to give up”.

“That is how my journey of kickboxing began. I felt very bad when I had to stop playing because I suffered a wound. I felt bad because I couldn’t practice the sport.

“After completing my graduation in B.Tech I revert to this sport. I approached J&K’s kickboxing general secretary Abhishek sir”, she stated.

“He invited and asked me to coach others if I can’t play cause of injury as it’s risky. I started coaching others but Abhishek sir told me to try officiating the sport. I started doing refereeship in kickboxing at the national level and made up my mind for this”, Megha added further.

“I got a chance to perform as a referee from J&K for the first time in Junior’s national championship and I felt good there. My family is reserved type and whenever I used to share my achievements they got excited. My mother has accompanied me in several matches and my sister has also supported me”, she limned.

“Kickboxing is not only a game it also teaches self defense and keeps us physically fit. I invite to all youth of J&K to participate in this game”, she advised.