Kashmiri Students attacked in CT college

CT College

Aman Zutshi

In a shocking incident, several Kashmiri students were attacked in CT college of Jalandhar city of Punjab state yesterday.

As per report, the matter happened in a private CT college of Shahpur area of Jalandhar district, when a non Kashmiri student misbehaved with a Kashmiri girl student studying in the college, resulting in a clash between Kashmiri and local students in the night.

The Kashmir based students have alleged that they were thrashed by the local students and have even apprised college administration about the misconduct of the student, who badly behaved with the Kashmiri female student. But the college authorities took no notice of the incident which forced them to take out a protest rally in the campus.

The students have said that if college authorities would have taken some action on time against the perpetrator, the matter could have not escalated.

The Jalandhar police have taken cognisance of this incident and the students hailing from Kashmir have been sent back to their homes till the matter pacifies.

A committee has been formed by the college and local police to probe the matter.