Tarun Chugh: Congress, Abdullahs are fake messiahs of peace, harmony & progress

Tarun Chugh

National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janta Party Tarun Chugh on Sunday attacking Congress party and National Conference said that today they have become fake messiahs of peace, harmony & progress.

Taking a dig at Congress and National Conference, Chugh, said, “Father says one thing and son other. The Congress party due to which 1984 Sikhs riots occurred and Abdullah Parivaar who pushed J&K into fire in 90’s and did boycott politics today have become messiahs of peace, harmony & progress. The people of this country are familiar with their macabre faces”.

Attacking Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s coalition politics, Chugh added,”Sonia & Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bhanumati Ka Kunba’ coalition with NDA is falling apart everyday. They are hacking each other to death on the other side PM Modi’s Kunba ‘NDA’ is getting huge continuously, billions of people have written ‘Modi Ka Parivaar’ on their houses, vehicles. Modi is in every heart now and this NDA alliance will take us much ahead.

“Those who use to send people in prisons for saying ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and used to create hurdles for Ram Janambhoomi case are reciting Ram’s name and are declaring holiday on Ram Navmi deserves welcome”, he further added.

Criticising Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, Chugh alleged, “That man who used to take false vows that he will never make an alliance with Congress and will never follow Sheela Dixit is now making people to take fake oaths. Kejriwal ji Modi is now in everyone’s heart and everyone’s blessings are with him”.