Udhampur: Wounded VDC succumbs to injuries


Aman Zutshi

A village defence guard (VDG) who was wounded in a firing incident in a remote village in Udhampur district has succumbed due to his injuries on Sunday.

The incident happened early morning around 7:30am, when a patrolling party consisting of VDC members, SPO’s and local police saw suspicious activity in Dhau area of Seri Gallah- Basantgarh and thus terrorists concealing in a Dhok in the forest area opened fire at the search party, resulting in wounds to one of the VDC.

The VDC identified as Mohd Sharief (50) son of Abdul Rahim has succumbed to his injuries who was being treated at a local hospital in Udhampur.

The security personnel has cordoned off the whole area and searches are on to hunt down the absconding terrorists.

Village Defence Guards (VDGs) formerly known as Village Defence Committees is a civilian militia first established in the mid-1990s in the Chenab Valley area of Jammu and Kashmir for the self-defence of locals, especially Hindus, in remote hilly villages against terrrorism. It consist of villagers as well as police officers.

On 15 August 2022, Government of Jammu and Kashmir accorded sanction to the creation of the VDG. VDG members are paid a monthly remuneration of 4,000-4,500 Indian rupees (US$48-$54).

The Pir Panjal region – Rajouri and Poonch – were free from terrorism since 2003 but major attacks have resumed since October 2021. In the last seven months of 2021, 20 soldiers, including officers and commandos, were killed.

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